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Digital Footprint Checks For
Security Vetting Professionals

Looking to combat insider threats & ensure a trusted workforce? Identify better candidates & avoid hiring mistakes with digital footprint checks.

Your Challenge

You work within a high-security environment, tasked with determining employee access to sensitive information and countering insider threats, but you aren’t sure your existing investigative efforts are sufficient in informing those decisions.

Our Solution

By supplementing your existing investigative efforts with CheckSocial’s digital footprint checks, you’ll benefit from a further layer of security and assurance, providing you added insights into your workforce and helping you to make more informed decisions.

Rigorous Intelligence

CheckSocial’s digital footprint checks are driven by powerful investigative tools and advanced image recognition, giving you greater insights into the employees with access to sensitive and protected information within your organisation.

Suitable For Multiple

Beyond the public sector, our digital footprint check solutions have been successfully used to uncover insider threats in mining, critical infrastructure and other private sector entities.

Compliance & Privacy

CheckSocial utilises the Australian Government’s Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF), as well as only gathering and providing information that is publicly available.

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