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The CheckSocial story

We believe that digital footprint checks should be part of every hiring decision.

Over 70% of recruiters conduct digital footprint checks on candidates. Most of these checks are being completed manually, taking anywhere from 45 minutes to several hours.

The majority of this time is spent on conducting searches on search engines and social media sites, trying to identify the candidates online accounts and reviewing related content to get a picture of how the candidate portrayed themselves online.

So, we had an idea.

We could build a platform that could automate all of this search and analysis effort and provide people who needed to conduct background checks with a simple, concise, accurate report that highlighted any red flags and gave a snapshot of the candidate’s digital reputation.

Our roots

CheckSocial is a cloud based software application developed by WorldStack on the Providence platform.

Providence is an OSINT platform that uses machine learning technology to automate the collection and analysis of public data from the surface, deep and dark web in order to discover insights that lead to better decision making.

The values that drive us

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Our vision

A digital footprint check is part of every hiring process.

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Our mission

To build a simple, reliable, and accessible solution that helps defend organisations protect their reputation and culture through digital footprint checks.

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Our values

To earn and maintain the trust of clients by providing efficient, secure and high quality services.


Daniel Holman

Daniel Holman


Dan Holman is a digital footprint expert and cyber security consultant with 15 years’ experience providing security and intelligence consulting and services for public and private sector clients. He holds a degree in Computer Science and has completed certifications in software engineering, security engineering, systems analysis, security operations and personnel security vetting.
Eric Flis

Eric Flis


Eric has over 18 years working in the security and intelligence space using his skills and knowledge across multiple domains such as protective security, counter terrorism and cyber security. He has worked extensively across Federal Government and the corporate sector. Eric has a Master’s degree in Policing, Intelligence & Counter-Terrorism obtained from Macquarie Graduate School of Management.