Discover online accounts and content

CheckSocial is an online intelligence platform that uses leading-edge technology combined with expert human analysts to automate the process of tracking digital footprints including social media and web content.

Turn online content into actionable intelligence

WorldStack specialises in turning massive amounts of unstructured data – from social media, to forums, blogs, search engines and the dark web – into concise intelligence reports. At the heart of our software is the WorldStack Engine, a powerful data collection and analytics platform that turns data collected from hundreds of data sources into insights, at scale.

Highlight content that matches your interests

CheckSocial uses the outputs of our WorldStack Engine to generate intelligence reports that are tailored to your interests. Use our library of pre-built interests, or create your own and we will highlight matching content in your report.

Time is money

It can take hours to properly collect and analyse the massive amount of data that lives online. And that’s if you are trained in how to do it!

Find all the things!

CheckSocial will help you get a better result for your search, every time.

Dont stress

Worry that you might be missing important information in your search? Our platform can let you rest easy.

Job done

Let us do the heavy lifting, so you can do what you do best.

Join other companies that have chosen the CheckSocial platform:

"With more and more candidates living their lives online, we have found that their professional and personal digital footprints can be quite large and complex. As an employer, screener or vetter, it is difficult to search, match and then importantly identify potential red flags without some level of automated help. CheckSocial offers a unique way forward. We are pleased to use their service."

Heath Barker, Founder of Cleard Life

CheckSocial has already helped several of our clients avoid a bad hire. It identified behaviours that did not appear during interview. This is exactly what Makesure does and CheckSocial has become an integral part of our pre-employment suite!

Rob Wallace – CEO, Makesure

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