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Hire Confidently, With Social Media Screening

Modernise your hiring process and gain powerful insights from your candidate’s online behaviour.
Select candidates who align with your culture and values, prevent bad hires, reduce turnover and hire a workforce you can trust.

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How do digital footprint checks work?

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Creating a
workforce you
can trust

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Footprint
Checks for HR Professionals

Gain powerful

Discover powerful candidate insights missed by traditional background checks like reference checks and police checks. Uncover cultural fit indicators such as bigotry, racism and misogyny as well as their interests, skills, qualifications and experience.

Assess cultural fit

Assess candidate alignment with your values, brand image, and reputation to minimise the risk of bad hire. Screen candidates against your code of conduct and social media policy and demonstrate your commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Hire confidently

Feel empowered with the confidence that you are creating a workforce you can trust through compliant digital footprint checks. Avoid missing cultural fit insights and the potential bias and discrimination that comes with DIY information gathering.

The CheckSocial platform service has been instrumental with the collation and evaluation of open-source intelligence and risk factors for individuals and organisations.

As leaders within intelligence collation and assessment, their platform, service provision, integrity and flexibility have enabled Casobe & Co to deliver integrated and cutting-edge solutions for our own end clients, across a range of industries, globally.

– Jonathan McCoy, Casobe

"With more and more candidates living their lives online, we have found that their professional and personal digital footprints can be quite large and complex. As an employer, screener or vetter, it is difficult to search, match and then importantly identify potential red flags without some level of automated help. CheckSocial offers a unique way forward. We are pleased to use their service."

Heath Barker, Founder of Cleard Life

CheckSocial has already helped several of our clients avoid a bad hire. It identified behaviours that did not appear during interview. This is exactly what Makesure does and CheckSocial has become an integral part of our pre-employment suite!

Rob Wallace – CEO, Makesure

CheckSocial offers a unique and specialised service which is incredibly relevant in today’s business climate. It is an additional background check to ensure that employers get another perspective to the traditional vetting checks of a recruitment process. Why did we choose CheckSocial? Because they do this with the understating that the candidate is human, and therefore treat them with the utmost respect in the entire process. They are thorough, responsive and respectful whilst providing some invaluable insight.

Alex Elliott – Director, Elliot Gray

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