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Social Media Screening For
Human Resources Managers

Looking to identify the very best talent for your organisation? Reduce the risk & cost of placing a bad hire with digital
footprint checks.

Your Challenge

As a human resources professional, you’re seeking to maintain a healthy, inclusive workplace culture, made up of an engaged and exceptionally talented workforce, but lack the time and resources required to both secure the great hires and weed out the bad ones.

Our Solution

Utilising CheckSocial’s digital footprint checks, you’ll be able to identify and employ thoroughly vetted candidates who are the best cultural fit for your organisation, with the added benefit of avoiding the financial, cultural and reputational impacts of a bad hire.

Ensure Cultural Fit

Beyond assessing more obvious ethical and security risks associated with candidates, CheckSocial’s digital footprint checks provide insights into subtler personality traits and other factors that help to determine whether a candidate is likely to be a good cultural fit.

Avoid Bias &

In order to reduce the risk of introducing bias or discrimination into the hiring process, CheckSocial uses a consistent framework to assess each and every individual, in addition to utilising an AI-driven method of data gathering to help ensure fairness and balance.

Manage Risk and Compliance

By integrating CheckSocial’s digital footprint checks into your hiring process, you not only reduce the risk of a bad hire but do so in a compliant way, by receiving candidate consent and only gathering publicly available information.

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