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Social Media Screening 
For Recruiters

Looking to strengthen, expedite & improve the recruitment process?Discover candidate insights, demonstrate your commitment to quality candidates and protect your reputation.

Your Challenge

As a recruitment professional, you value representing quality candidates and need to manage the risks associated with their online behaviour.

Our Solution

By implementing social media screening into your recruiting process, you will demonstrate a commitment to providing quality candidates for your clients, help candidates put their best foot forward online and protect your reputation.

Reduce risk without extending the hiring process

In a candidate market, streamlining your hiring process is vital, but so is managing your risk. A bad hire can have devastating consequences for your brand and lead to unexpected costs. Our digital footprint checks will provide you with intelligence on any red flags associated with online behaviour in the same timeframe as your existing background checks.

Cutting edge technology with human oversight

CheckSocial utilises both an experienced intelligence analyst and an advanced machine learning algorithm when conducting checks, reducing errors and improving reporting quality.

Compliant social media screening

By using our social media screening solution, you’ll be compliant with legislation, and avoiding unconscious bias and discrimination when screening a candidate’s digital footprint.

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