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Your digital footprint is the representation of you – online.

It’s a collection of data points that give an indication about who you are, your opinions and online activity.

Some aspects of your digital footprint, like cookies, are generated from your online activity. Other parts, like your public social media posts, comments and reactions, are created when you publish or engage with content online.

Why should people be aware of their digital footprints?

Most people don’t realise how much of their digital footprint is visible to other people.

While data about your web browsing history and products that you look at online are generally only visible to the websites and social media platforms that you visit, content that you post to the web and social media are often publicly visible.

Anyone can view publicly available information about you through a search engine or on social media platforms, and many employers are utilising digital footprint checks as part of their hiring process.

How employers are using digital footprint checks

Social media screening is giving employers, and recruiters, the tools needed to assess their candidates’ digital footprint.

A digital footprint check can give indications of behaviours such as bullying, racism, sexism, homophobia, unprofessional or criminal behaviour. 

By screening for these behaviours, employers can determine if their candidates are a good cultural fit and are aligned with organisational values. Preventing bad hires in this way protects organisational culture and reputation as well as decreasing turnover.

Including a digital footprint check in your hiring process

As a HR professional, it’s no longer enough to rely on reference and police checks to get an indication of the cultural fit of your candidates. 

Conducting a digital footprint check can help you to proactively detect candidate behaviour and avoid bad hires that have the potential to damage your brand’s reputation, credibility and profitability.

If you’re looking to identify the best talent for your organisation and maintain a healthy, inclusive workplace culture, digital footprint checks can work for you.

Learn more about digital footprint checks today

You can rely on digital footprint checks to modernise your hiring process and reduce the risk of bad hires. Being able to screen potential candidates and will help you find your ideal employees and protect your organisation’s brand.

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