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As a HR specialist, you understand the value of conducting a thorough background check.

Effective background screening helps you learn more about each candidate outside of the interview process which can mitigate the risks around making a bad hire. With this additional information, you’re better able to select a suitable candidate who will positively contribute to your organisation’s culture, growth and success.

In this blog, let’s discuss the three main types of background recruitment checks that can help you make the most informed hiring decisions, including one newer type that is now becoming increasingly important in today’s digital environment.

The 3 main types of background checks

While conducting an interview can provide you with valuable insight into a candidate’s character and their ability to perform a role, a background check allows you to verify these insights, along with their employment history, credentials and suitability to your organisation.

The three main types of background checks that you might use in your hiring process are:

1. Reference checks

Past performance is a great indicator of a candidate’s work ethic and their ability to perform their role.

By reaching out to the candidate’s previous employer, manager and/or colleagues, you can gain a better understanding of their skill set, interpersonal abilities, professionalism and productivity.

2. Police checks

A police check is mandatory in many industries in Australia. It allows you to be aware of any criminal history that the candidate may have.

Criminal history helps you determine the character of the candidate and gives you peace of mind about the risk they may pose to your organisation, workforce and customers.

When considering the criminal records of candidates, it’s important to keep in mind the nature of the crime, the time elapsed since the conviction and the relevance to the role.

3. Digital footprint checks

digital footprint check, sometimes referred to as a social media check, provides insights into a candidate’s public online behaviour, including the types of content that they publish, share or associate within the ever-evolving digital environment.

Conducting a digital footprint check can help you to proactively detect behaviour that indicates the candidate may not be a great cultural fit, reducing the risk of placing a bad hire that could damage your brand’s reputation, credibility and profitability.

The benefits of a digital footprint check

strengthening your recruitment processWhile reference checks and police checks are useful in examining candidates’ offline behaviour, they do not take into account the applicant’s online activities.

A 2018 study found that 79% of Australians are now using social media, and 35% of these people access their social media more than five times per day.

As candidates spend more time on social media, it becomes increasingly important to consider their online behaviour and reputation and the risks that may pose to your organisation.

A digital footprint check allows you to better assess these risks, allowing you to:


  • Maintain a safe and secure working environment
  • Save time, money and effort that comes with replacing a bad hire
  • Protect your business and its operations
  • Boost your brand’s reputation by nurturing a positive company culture

It’s about choosing what works best for you

The best recruitment process for your organisation’s needs is the one that works best with your unique situation.

For some organisations, it may be necessary to conduct all three types of background checks, while for others, one or two will be more than sufficient.

As long as your organisation is well protected against the risks of placing a bad hire, the choice is up to you.

Learn more about digital footprint checks today

Building a strong company culture and reducing the risk of bad hires is key when it comes to your role in recruitment.

Fortunately, you can rely on digital footprint checks to make the hiring process more reliable, comprehensive and thorough. They enable you to effectively screen potential candidates and find ideal employees who will both protect your organisation’s brand and drive your success.

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