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As a recruitment professional, you’re likely finding it harder to source and place candidates in the current market. Remote work is here to stay and that means there are more recruiters vying for the same talent pool.  You are pushing hiring managers to decide faster or risk losing candidates. At the same time, candidates are demanding more – more pay, better conditions and purpose.

Now more than ever, it is tempting to skip steps in the hiring process to try and overcome these challenges. However, in the context of the ever-growing disruptions to today’s workforce, it’s important to understand the risks of doing this. 

This blog post gives you 3 important hiring trends you should consider when placing candidates in 2022.

1. Hiring remote workers is here to stay

COVID-19 has changed the recruitment market as we know it. As the amount of organisations who hire remote or hybrid workers increases, it’s important for recruiters to stay on top of this evolving trend.

Your hiring process needs to take remote workers into consideration. When there is often no opportunity to meet and assess a candidate face-to-face, it’s hard to gauge how trustworthy a person is and how well they will fit into the client’s culture. Including a range of background checks in your hiring process helps provide assurance that the candidate is trustworthy and will be a good fit.

2. The focus on cultural fit will continue to grow

Recent research has shown that organisations that focus on their culture, values and purpose are more likely to report lower turnover.

Workplace trends, such as The Great Resignation, are seeing organisations focus on taking measures to protect their workplace culture. As a recruiter, placing the ideal candidate is now as much about the person’s cultural fit as it is their ability to do the job.

Without a thorough vetting process that reduces the risk of a bad placement, you risk jeopardising your client’s culture and reputation, as well as your own. In today’s digital age, using the right screening techniques can help you filter the bad hires from the good ones before they are placed. While reference checks and interviews can give you a good idea of cultural fit, they do have their limitations.

3. People’s online lives will increasingly impact their work lives

The rise of social media platforms and the amount of time spent online means that more people are sharing their opinions, posting on digital forums and more. For your clients, being negatively associated with something posted online by someone you’ve placed can be costly and detrimental to their reputation, and yours.

However, this also offers a significant opportunity to improve your candidate background screening, and ensure you are ticking your clients boxes, by implementing digital footprint checks. 

Digital footprint checks examine people’s digital behaviours and online activities to give you powerful insights into your candidates’ cultural fit and give you confidence in your placements.

Some of the cultural fit indicators found through these checks include :

  • discriminatory comments such as racism, sexism, homophobia or hate speech
  • criminal history and conduct such as fraud, violence, and cyber crime
  • previous unprofessional behaviours such as online bullying, strong language, explicit content, substance use and badmouthing employers or coworkers.

While some recruiters are looking at the social media accounts of their candidates manually, this has the potential for human bias and missed insights.

By implementing CheckSocial’s digital footprint checks, you will be able to distinguish yourself from other recruitment professionals by demonstrating a commitment to identifying the best fit, taking remote worker screening into consideration, and putting forward thoroughly vetted candidates.

Learn more about social media screening

It’s understandable that recruiters are increasingly needing to streamline their hiring processes. Fortunately, social media screening can both ensure you stay on top of changing workplace trends, and that your hiring process is reliable, comprehensive and thorough.

They enable you to effectively screen potential candidates and choose good fit employees who will both protect your client’s brand and culture.

To support you and your recruitment process, we’ve prepared a free, downloadable eBook that has been written for forward-thinking recruitment professionals. It offers the complete guide to digital footprint checks and will answer all your questions.

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