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What The Report Will Show About You

Your report will highlight information that is publicly available about you, from each of the following categories:

Influences and

Relationships and

Financial Considerations

Alcohol and drug use

Criminal history and

Security attitudes and

Emotional Intelligence

Curious to see what your report will look like?

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Put Yourself Ahead

In a competitive jobs market, where more people than ever are vying for positions, your next employer is certain to look you up online – will they like what they see?

Ensuring your digital footprint is clean can be the difference between landing that next job and missing out.

In-Depth Reporting

You’ll end up with a comprehensive report outlining any red flags that were uncovered during your check, including social media activity, pictures and other content, events you attended, posts you engaged with and more.

Actionable Data & Insights

Your report will provide you with the insights you need to go back through your online activity and begin removing or changing any content that you wouldn’t want others seeing – especially recruiters and potential employers, if you’re on the job hunt.

“Whether you have your own business, are employed, on the job hunt, or are active within the dating scene, I would encourage you to take a CheckSocial personal check. The report is quick, cost effective and extremely thorough, highlighting social media activity from years gone by which I could not remember. Regardless of your personal and professional goals, this check is a must for anyone who wants to ensure they always have their best foot forward”.

Alexandra King, Founder and CMO, ask Marketing

CheckSocial has already helped several of our clients avoid a bad hire. It identified behaviours that did not appear during interview. This is exactly what Makesure does and CheckSocial has become an integral part of our pre-employment suite!

Rob Wallace – CEO, Makesure

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