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How it works


Digital Footprint Check Platform

By automating the discovery of red flags and identifying points of interest in online digital footprints, we’re saving you time and helping you manage your risk.


We provide you with a high- quality report that summarises the data that was found by the system, highlighting any red flags and points of interest.


Our platform uses advanced technology including image recognition and machine learning to discover online accounts and content.

Human in the

Our expert assessing officers review the content of every report to ensure it meets the high standards our customers expect.


Our platform automates the digital footprint check, so you can avoid manual searches, which are error prone and time intensive.


We only collect publicly available information. Any protected information is excluded from our reports.

Easy to Set Up

Provide the attributes you know about your search, and we do the rest.


We aim to have your report to you within 3 business days.


Your time is valuable, let us give you some back with our competitively priced checks.

Who can we help

HR Managers

Reduce the risks and
costs of a bad hire.

Cyber Vetting

Manage the risks associated with
employee access to
sensitive information.


Be aware of how others
see you online.

Digital footprint process

  • Candidate consent is confirmed
  • CheckSocial’s system conducts the search
  • Discovered content is classified into categories
  • Human triage is performed
  • Report is delivered

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