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3 Ways Digital Footprint Checks Can Help Recruiters

Written by Dan Holman

Are you a recruiter looking for a way to make the process of vetting candidates cheaper and faster?

Here are 3 ways that digital footprint checks can improve your recruiting process.


Recruitment has changed.

Candidates are increasingly living their lives online. What they are posting online is less considered. The line between work and personal is becoming blurrier. Actions taken by a candidate online reflect on their employer, potentially damaging their brand and reputation.

Enter: digital footprint checks, purpose-built to save you time, boost your profits and significantly reduce the chances of ever placing a bad hire.

Interested? Read on to learn more.


1. Save Time

Hiring, training, salary, retention and ongoing education.

The appointment of a new employee – especially at the senior level – represents a monumental investment.

Likewise, the costs associated with the appointment of a bad hire cannot be overstated.

But for many recruiters, a manual digital footprint check process has led to:

  • Hours spent manually searching through social media accounts
  • Struggling to find adequate and relevant information
  • Important information being overlooked or errors in the reporting process

Ultimately, a compromise is made between speed to place a candidate and the quality of the screening process.

Sound familiar?

To address this, we’ve built a platform designed to automate this entire process.

This includes:

  • A robust and thorough digital footprint check, conducted on your behalf
  • An accurate and concise report highlighting potential red flags
  • Detailed insights into a candidate’s digital reputation
  • Fast turnaround time – most checks are completed with 3 days


2. Preserve Reputations

A candidate’s online presence can uncover an awful lot.

Failing to realise this, can be catastrophic.

Just ask companies whose reputations have been severely damaged through the placement of bad hires – employees who have stolen valuable IP and disclosed sensitive information to the public.

But we’re not just talking about the reputation of your clients.

The task of filling a permanent position – especially at the executive and professional levels – places not only the reputation of your client’s organisation on the line, but your own.

One bad hire can be enough to tarnish your reputation in the industry.

Adopting digital footprint checks is a way of demonstrating a crucial commitment to thoroughness and attention to detail, helping to solidify your agency’s reputation as leaders in the recruitment industry.


3. Impress Clients

Time and money.

Want a guaranteed method of impressing your client?

Give them back both.

By speeding up the vetting and background check process, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify the perfect applicant for the position faster than ever before
  • Ensure the candidate suits your client organisation’s culture
  • Place a candidate who fits in well with the rest of their team
  • Help to drive both revenue and productivity


Concerned about privacy or discrimination?

Fear not.

In order for a digital footprint check to be conducted, express consent from the candidate is required. This consent process is handled by our platform, so you don’t have to change your process.

When the search is conducted, only information that is publicly available will be accessed and reported on.

We exclude search results that related to protected attributes such as sexuality, political views and religious beliefs, so you don’t have to worry about bias or discrimination.


Beyond Recruitment

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